Healing Sanctuary

Relax. You are in good hands. Everything is clean and safe. There are salves here to heal your wounds, and tonics to ease your pain.
Key scents:  menthol, ointment

“Let’s see. What’s on the schedule for today? Oh, dear. Joey Clopton has an order for a topical application of pickled Murtlap tentacles. That naughty boy – he must have torn his stitches again. And it looks like Mr. Stagwart’s dosage of bugloss and cornflower potion has been increased by 2 ml. He’s not going to like that one bit – claims it tastes like fermented rat intestines. He’d be one to know. Ah, and I’ll need to check Miss Brockowitch’s IV and give her 5 more ccs of the cleric’s blood in holy water solution. That should be easy – she’s such a dear. And that leaves Mrs. Plumright, who, it seems, has requested crystal therapy. Hmph. New aged nonsense, if you ask me.”

–Helga Pickering, Nurse