Adventure Scents

Alchemist’s Lab

The potion has been prepared from ancient herbs and essences. A little more time in the cauldron and it will be ready to turn lead to gold.
Key Scents: witch’s herbs, smoke.

“I’ve had just about enough of the master. ‘Go get me some more corpse parts, Igor.’ ‘This spine is obviously too crooked to use, Igor.’ ‘Don’t you think you could find a torso with better muscle tone, Igor?’ ‘These two legs aren’t exactly the same size, Igor.’ ‘Did these lungs belong to a smoker, Igor?’ ‘Couldn’t you find a head with a smaller nose, Igor?’ And I didn’t even get a raise last year. Just for that, I’m gonna swap out the brain he was planning to use with one from a master criminal. Then I’m blowing this joint before it all hits the fan.”

–Igor Blackwell, available for employment