Adventure Scents

Ancient Library

Crack the books and dive deeper into your research amid the old papers, unopened trunks, and odd relics.
Key scents:  dust, paper

“I mustn’t open the book. I shouldn’t. I know better. Probably nothing good ever came from reading something that claimed to release ‘the dark power inside you.’ I can’t let my curiosity get the better of me. Momma always says I’m too curious for my own good. At best, it’s a bunch of superstitious poppycock. At worst… well, at worst, it might rain darkness over all the world and rip the heavens asunder. That would be bad. Really bad. But it MIGHT not do that. It MIGHT just have a spell in there to get rid of freckles. Maybe I have the power inside me to banish my freckles to another dimension. It probably won’t hurt to just take a TINY peek…”

–Penelope Sanders, casual reader