Adventure Scents

Dragon’s Cave

The dragon’s magical fire is burning your lungs. The only possible escape is to plunge into the cold underground spring. Good luck with that.
Key scents:  stone, water, smoke, and incense

“Oh no, it’s another knight in shining armor, come to save me from the ‘savage’ dragon. Where on earth do they all come from? Is there some demented bard wandering about, singing a lament about my circumstances? Why won’t they just leave us alone. Askook and I are getting along so well together. He’s got a great sense of humor, is respectful of my position, and is willing to help out around the castle with whatever needs doing. And his treasure hoard has been such a blessing! After the plague, everything looked so bleak. But now I can finally afford to rebuild the town, improve the roads, and upgrade the castle walls. He’s been a god-send! If only these heroes would stop trying to rescue me from him.”

–Isabelle, Princess of Ceth