Adventure Scents

Enchanted Forest

Take a walk through a lush green forest, where fairies scamper about and magic crackles in the air.
Key scents:  lush greenery, fallen leaves

“Oh!  There are some folks coming down the forest path!  If I hurry, I can probably meet them, all nonchalant-like, at the reflection pool. Maybe this group with have a strong and handsome warrior who  will take me away from this dumb tree-infested shanty-town. Or maybe a rich and charming rogue will fall for me. Or a wise and powerful wizard.  Or a moderately successful bard. Whatever.  How’s my hair look?  Ugh. frizzy. Maybe if I adjust my bodice a little lower, they won’t notice so much. Now, smile!  It’s SHOWTIME!”

— Ortylia, Wood Nymph