Adventure Scents

Field of Battle

Blood. Sweat. Leather. Steel. The battle blurs before you, as you take another blow. Stagger to your feet and strike again, warrior.
Key scents:  blood, sweat, leather, and steel

“Breathe. Jus’ breathe. Jus’ take a deep breath and pick up yer axe. You can do this. Papa says it’s just like knockin’ an apple offa’ the tree. Jus’ like harvestin’ a cattail root from the swamp. Jus’ like chopin’ a chick’n for the stewpot. No big whoop. Don’t be listnin’ to the bad-scary warcry sounds. Jus’ take yer axe in hand. Papa says these humins is a menace – encroachin’ on our lands. They’s jus’ like a bunch of chick’n-thieven’-wolves. Gotta go chop ’em. Can’t chop ’em if you don’t pick up yer axe. Yer friends is countin’ on you. Gotta move.”

–Gnalurg, Orc Warrior