Adventure Scents

Fishing Docks

Take a walk along the lake and enjoy the spray of the sand meeting the water. Just try to ignore the whiff of dead fish.
Key scents:  lake water, rotting fish

“Nothing to see here, Redcoat. Move along. I’ve just got some fat mackerel in my boat. No need to look any closer – you won’t find any tobacco beneath their fins! That’s right – keep on walking. It’s only blue fin tuna in my hold – no English wool in here – I swear! I’m a law-abiding citizen, and would never even think to transport sugar without paying my fair share of the customs. A right-old-English-patriot, I am! You just look the other way while I move this crate full of… um… nets… over to another boat, and I’ll treat you to a pint of ale when the day is done. Good man.”

–Abraham Kraut, “Just a Fisherman”