Adventure Scents

Fortune-teller’s Wagon

The incense from the mysterious wagon mingles with the scents of cinnamon and exotic spices. You are certain to part with some gold today.
Key scents:  cinnamon, nag champa, and spices

“Oh no, this group all want to have their have their fortunes told by a real ‘Gypsy’. Should I tell them what I saw in the glass last night? That they’re doomed to be devoured en mass by a large slug-like creature during their next adventure? That all their spells and arrows and feats of strength will be to no avail? And that their bones will rest inside the Slimerra as it roams the world for centuries to come? My grandmother always told me that no one can escape their destiny, and there’s no sense ruining someone’s day. I’ll just hedge a bit: ‘You will travel to many exotic places and will always be surrounded by friends.”

Tematea Wicks, Romani Fortune Teller