Adventure Scents

Healing Sanctuary

Relax. You are in good hands. Everything is clean and safe. There are salves here to heal your wounds, and tonics to ease your pain.
Key scents:  menthol, ointment

“Let’s see. What’s on the schedule for today? Oh, dear. Joey Clopton has an order for a topical application of pickled Murtlap tentacles. That naughty boy – he must have torn his stitches again. And it looks like Mr. Stagwart’s dosage of bugloss and cornflower potion has been increased by 2 ml. He’s not going to like that one bit – claims it tastes like fermented rat intestines. He’d be one to know. Ah, and I’ll need to check Miss Brockowitch’s IV and give her 5 more ccs of the cleric’s blood in holy water solution. That should be easy – she’s such a dear. And that leaves Mrs. Plumright, who, it seems, has requested crystal therapy. Hmph. New aged nonsense, if you ask me.”

–Helga Pickering, Nurse