Adventure Scents

Horse Stables

Go ahead and lead your horse into a vacant stall. He’ll enjoy the fresh hay and a break from that sweaty saddle. Mind where you step, though.
Key scents: hay, leather, and manure

“Ah, my aching hooves. It’s been a long fortnight, galloping and gallivanting around the countryside. These guys never stop. It’s always ‘Saddle your horses, we are off to death or glory!’ and ‘Sure, you folks can come with us – we’ll just double up on each horse.’ and ‘Let’s take the shortcut through the narrow mountain pass – I’m sure the horses can squeeze thorough’ and ‘Let’s charge at this horde of orcs from horseback – we can’t lose!’ and ‘Load the the treasure onto the horses, guys – we aren’t gonna leave a single coin behind!’ Well, I’m done with all that. The next adventurer who throws his saddle on me is getting dumped into the nearest bog.”

–Bucky, a brown horse