Adventure Scents

Ice Castle

The scents of glacial ice and cold steel bite into you as you struggle to climb to the frost mage’s domain.
Key scents:  frosty mint, cold steel

“This is ridiculous. It is just too cold to get up and leave the cave this morning. I can see my breath even under the covers. I shouldn’t be able to see my breath under the covers! Also, my blanket is frozen. Figures. I bet it snowed again last night. If I went out, it would probably take me all morning just to clear a path to the road. Not worth it. Not for another icy day. I’m sick of all the days being icy and frosty and frigid and brisk. To heck with brisk! I think I’m depressed. Maybe I have Seasonal Affective Disorder. I should probably look up the symptoms online. Yeah. When it warms up a little, I’ll go terrorize a hiker until he drops his smartphone. But, for today, I’m sleeping in.”

–Dzu-teh, Yeti