Adventure Scents

Moldy Crypt

Break the seal of the crypt and brace yourself for the scents of dust, mildew, mold, dirt, crumbled stone, and a disturbing hint of decay.
Key scents: mold, dirt, and decay

“What’s this?  It can’t be!  I’m… alive again!  How is this possible?  No matter!  This is wonderful!  I feel so powerful, like… like I’m immortal!  Not even death can stop me!  Hey!  I hear footsteps… Is someone coming?  It’s too dark to make out but… yes!  It sounds like a whole group of people… probably here to celebrate this miracle with me!  Wait… just a… OMG THAT GUY JUST RAN ME THROUGH WITH HIS SWORD!  What the heck?  Ack!  My arm!  Someone actually chopped off my arm!  I can’t believe this!  Oh no… now this one’s going for my hea–”

— Ed Flannigan, Zombie