Adventure Scents

Mummy’s Tomb

The scent of cedar sawdust, ancient resins, and honey might not mean that there’s a mummy standing right behind you. The curse could just be a legend.
Key scents:  sweet Egyptian resins, cedar sawdust, and mold

“Ah… this must be the afterlife. That was a nice rest. That whole dying process was terribly undignified and troublesome. I’m still feeling a bit peaked. But anyways, now I’m here, surrounded by my treasures for all eternity. No more wars and intrigue and affairs of state – I’m ready for some me-time! Wait. This isn’t right. Where’s my stuff? This place is trashed. No way… I’ve been robbed! My stuff is all gone! My gold! My jewels! My spices! My jars of organs! My favorite cat! That’s it… heads are gonna roll. Don’t worry, Mr. Flufferson, I SHALL AVENGE YOU!”

–King Nethotep II, Mummy