Adventure Scents

Pirate Ship

As the cannons fire, the scents of oak timbers, bay rum, and sea mist are joined by the alarming smell of gunsmoke.
Key scents:  wood, gunsmoke, and sea salt

“Keep your head down. Keep your voice low. Keep your shoulders hunched. Scrub the deck like you were born to it. Drink the grog like you have a thirst for it. Grunt and curse like it comes natural. Flash a bit of steel when you need to show your strength. None of them know.  None of them will ever know as long as you keep your head on your shoulders. It’s just one more fortnight until Tortuga. With your share of the plunder, you’ll finally be free to make your own way, never again beholden to any man. Though, if the Bosun makes a joke about the “poop deck” one more time you’ll probably stuff his parrot right up his hornpipe.”

– Harriet “Horrible Harry” Drake, Pirate