Adventure Scents

Smoky Campfire

Warm your hands around the campfire, and breathe in the scents of wood-smoke, mesquite, and a bit of meat roasting on a spit.
Key scents:  mesquite, wood, and smoke

“Will you look at that?  Another campfire left unattended. Dang city-dwellers. Never occurs to a one of them to take a few extra minutes to put the blasted campfire out before they move along. Always in a rush, these guys. Off to some big important adventure, I’m sure. Never givin’ a thought as to what they leave behind. Used arrows, half-eaten rabbits, broken equipment, empty potion vials… just EVERYWHERE. I’m getting’ plumb tired of cleanin’ up the mess.”  

– Trammorn Wolfswift, Elven Ranger