Adventure Scents

Steam Train

All aboard! Take a moment to admire the shiny brass and steel as the stokers shovel more coal into the furnace.
Key scents:  steel, coal, and smoke

“I can do this – it’s only a letter. Let’s see, how to start… ‘Dear Mama, By now you have surely realized that I was serious when I said that I could never in a million years marry Mr. Phigg.  I know that you and Papa find him very suitable, but he is a stuffy, long-winded bagpipe that I should never be able to abide for long. I have tried to make you realize that my destiny is on the stage, as a singer, and now I am seeking out that future on my own! I am on the train to Chicago, and will post this letter at the next station. Oh I do hope you will forgive me, and will intercede with Papa to make him see reason. After all – he’s always said that I have a voice like an angel.’”

-Penelope Brighton, runaway bride