Adventure Scents

Vampire’s Lair

As he steps closer, you breathe in the scent of blood, fresh dirt, and red wine. Go ahead… tell yourself that you don’t believe in vampires.
Key scents:  blood, dirt, and wine

“Well this is a bit awkward. My coffin lid seems to be stuck. Maybe if I jiggle it a little bit… hmmm… nope. Or maybe a good solid kick will… er.. no… that didn’t work either. This is what I get for buying the economy model. When I get out of here, I’m going to post a review on Amazon to express my displeasure with the quality of this casket. It’s possible that the sellers didn’t expect that the occupant would need to be able to open it from the inside, but, still, I don’t feel like their four-star rating is justified, given the poor craftsmanship of their product. Yes, the price included free shipping, but that doesn’t do me a lot of good right now, does it?”

–Gérard Papillon, Vampire