Adventure Scents

Welcoming Inn

The scents of meat, potatoes, herbs and spices waft towards you from the stew-pot, whetting your appetite.  Dinner will be served in short order.
Key scent:  beef stew, herbs

“Oh no.  The group that just came through the door looks like a band of adventurers, poor things.  I give it twenty minutes before one of them townsfolk comes in here with a sob story about a lost daughter or a lost ring or a lost cow or some-such, and off this bunch will go to find it, and we’ll never see nothing of them again other than their bones.  Just like the last group of adventurers.  And the ones before that.  Ah, well, the least I can do is send them to their grave with a full stomach.  Bless their souls.”  

– Goodwife Hylde, Innkeeper