Adventure Scents

Werewolf’s Den

I’m not afraid of werewolves or vampires or haunted hotels, I’m afraid of what real human beings do to other real human beings. And also of werewolves.
Key scents:  wet fur, musk

“Fuzzy mamma, sleek mamma – which one will she be today? Fuzzy mamma has fur that is so soft and warm on my cold nose. Her heart beats so fast but she walks silently on her padded paws. Sleek momma holds me in her arms and makes the mouth sounds that leave me feeling safe and sleepy. She is everything, my momma. She is strong and she is weak. She is bitter and she is sweet. She is sad and she is joyful. She steady and she is ever-changing. She is the sun and she is the moon.”

-Luna Hideripper, Werewolf Cub