Kosher Dietary Restrictions

Quickles: Okay

Ceviche Tomato Bombs: Use Kosher fish, such as Smoked Salmon from the roll table.

Dragonfly Jams: Okay

Quark and Crackers: Okay

Mascarpone Rollups: Try using tortilla, lettuce, or vegetable slices to wrap your mascarpone instead of lunch meat.

Fancy-pants Mayonnaise Tea Sandwiches: Okay

Yogurt Freezer Tarts: Check to make sure your cream is certified kosher.

Buttermilk Cheese Critters: Check to make sure your cheese and buttermilk is certified kosher.

Poppin’ Lemon Drops: Okay

Summer Nachos With Acid 3 Ways:Use Kosher cream in the sour cream, or use the vegan alternative listed on the Vegan Dietary Restrictions page.

September 24, 2018