The Acid Test

Adventure-chefs needed to cater a fabulous dragon cocktail party. Must be willing to cook with ACID, not HEAT. 

In the first book in the Cooking with Dice series, you’ve been called upon to help a pair of acid dragons in their time of need.

You find out that what they need is to show up their obnoxious friends and neighbors with a legendary cocktail party.

ACID is the key here. You’ll be cooking up a range of dishes using citrus juice, vinegar, and lactic acid – without touching the stove or oven… though you might use that magic My-Crow-Wave box every so often.

Try your hand at making quick-pickles, ceviche, home-made cheeses, freezer jams, fizzy-rimmed cocktails and more! Using our ten adaptable formulas, you can create thousands of unique recipes and level up your Cooking with Dice characters. ​​

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October 6, 2017