The Extraordinary World

The Extraordinary World

Are you a writer or storyteller who creates entire worlds in your head just for fun? Or to share with others? Ever thought about turning your creative craft into a game?

Are you a mega-fan of a book trilogy, television series or fiction epic who wants the adventure to never end? What if you could play a game set in the same fantasy, horror or sci-fi world as a novel, while you read it?

Or, perhaps, are you a veteran role-playing aficionado of the tabletop or live-action variety, and like your games easy to master but with exceptionally deep character, world and story development options? What if the barriers to entry for role-playing games were lower and there were ways to have the same incredible storytelling experience but with less work and more potential players?

These are the folks – and situations – for which The Extraordinary World was designed.

The Extraordinary World is a storytelling game where one or more players gather together to draw cards, roll dice and collectively weave tales of adventure.

At its core, The Extraordinary World is a role-playing game in the vein of great RPGs that have gone before it. However, we’ve done a few things differently…

In the Extraordinary World, players role-play heroes in a world of their choosing. However, skills, abilities, equipment and the like are represented on cards so that everything the player needs to play their hero is right there with them on the table or in a binder.  In fact, the goal of this design is to have 95% of all game play rules available to you right there on the cards so you don’t have to go looking through endless tomes of rules, equipment lists and spell descriptions to find what you need!

Similar to the game master in other role-playing games, the role of the Worldmaster in The Extraordinary World is to be the hand of fate that plants obstacles in the heroes path and illustrates the world around them. However, The Extraordinary World also has a unique mechanic that lets the Worldmaster play the game without any preparation whatsoever. This “improv mode” allows the Worldmaster to draw setting, actor and story cards randomly and spin the adventure in a dynamic way.

The Extraordinary World is designed from a literary standpoint, taking into account the architecture of storytelling in its rules. Inspired by Joseph Campbell’s work and containing mechanics that focus on the realistic affects of strife and conflict, the game is designed to help players create fascinating and uniquely real heroes and stories.

With cards generic enough to span all genres, The Extraordinary World is designed to be quickly and simply adaptable to any world you could possibly imagine from one you see on TV to the one in your head since you were 11.

Under Development

The Extraordinary World is in development by Oddfish Games for a probable release in 2018 or 2019.

A Kickstarter is being evaluated, stay tuned.  Check back here for updates on game development and examples of alpha and beta gameplay!

October 6, 2017