Cooking with Dice: The Acid Test (PDF Only)


This RPG has a delicious twist that will turn your kitchen into an adventure zone. Gamified cooking at its best!

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Adventure-Chefs needed to cater a fabulous dragon cocktail party. Must be willing to cook with ACID, not HEAT!

In the first book in the Cooking with Dice series, you’ve been called upon to help a pair of acid dragons in their time of need. You find out that what they NEED is to show up their obnoxious friends and neighbors with a legendary party. ACID is the key here. You’ll be cooking up a range of dishes using chemistry, without touching the stove or oven. You might cheat and use that magic My-Crow-Wave box every so often.

Try your hand at making quick-pickles, ceviche, home-made cheeses, freezer jams, fizzy candy and more! Using our ten adaptable formulas, you can create thousands of unique recipes and level up your Cooking with Dice characters. ​​






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Ancient Library, Alchemist's Lab, Barren Moon, Blooming Prairie, Bombed-Out Ruins, Cinematic Gunfight, City Streets, Coffee House, Dank Dungeon, Desert Caravan, Dragon's Cave, Dusty Attic, Enchanted Forest, Engine Room, Fairgrounds, Fairy Circle, Fertile Farmland, Fetid Swamp, Field of Battle, Fishing Docks, Flying Airship, Gold Mine, Gypsy Wagon, Haunted Chamber, Healing Sanctuary, Horse Stables, Ice Castle, Italian Restaurant, Japanese Teahouse, Magic Shoppe, Mayan Temple, Moldy Crypt, Mountain Woodlands, Mummy's Tomb, New Spaceship, Ottoman Harem, Pirate Ship, Pool of Acid, Public Park, Putrid Sewers, Roman Baths, Rowdy Tavern, Royal Feast, Sandy Beach, Science Lab, Smoking room, Smoky Campfire, Spice Merchant, Steam Train, Tea Party, Time Machine, Treasure Vault, Tropical Rainforest, Vampire's Lair, Volcanic Jungle, Warm Bakery, Wedding Celebration, Welcoming Inn, Werewolf's Den, Wizard's Tower