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Our scentFX jars are designed to transport you to an adventure location from your favorite game, book, movie, or fantasy realm. These products were designed for tabletop RPGs but also work well to enhance the experience of playing video games, reading books, and watching TV and movies.

To use them, just open the lid and the fragrance will fill the immediate area – no need for heat or flame to activate them. When you’re finished, replace the lid and the scent will dissipate quickly, allowing you to easily use a series of scents for your games and other entertainments.

Each jar contains about 2oz of strongly fragranced scentFX beads. The beads will slowly lose their scent over time, but may last up to 2 years if kept sealed in their container when not in use.


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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in

Ancient Library, Alchemist's Lab, Barren Moon, Blooming Prairie, Bombed-Out Ruins, Cinematic Gunfight, City Streets, Coffee House, Dank Dungeon, Desert Caravan, Dragon's Cave, Dusty Attic, Enchanted Forest, Engine Room, Fairgrounds, Fairy Circle, Fertile Farmland, Fetid Swamp, Field of Battle, Fishing Docks, Flying Airship, Fortune-tellers Wagon, Gold Mine, Haunted Chamber, Healing Sanctuary, Horse Stables, Ice Castle, Italian Restaurant, Japanese Teahouse, Magic Shoppe, Mayan Temple, Moldy Crypt, Mountain Woodlands, Mummy's Tomb, New Spaceship, Ottoman Harem, Pirate Ship, Pool of Acid, Public Park, Putrid Sewers, Roman Baths, Rowdy Tavern, Royal Feast, Sandy Beach, Science Lab, Smoking room, Smoky Campfire, Spice Merchant, Steam Train, Tea Party, Time Machine, Treasure Vault, Tropical Rainforest, Vampire's Lair, Volcanic Jungle, Warm Bakery, Wedding Celebration, Welcoming Inn, Werewolf's Den, Wizard's Tower