Virtual Table Top Scent Packs


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Note: The Virtual Table Top Scent Packs and plain “Scent Packs” are the exact same item in terms of size and composition. VTT Scent Packs get custom labels, however, and are intended for game masters who wants to use scents in a VTT game. See below for more detail!

Just because your players are scattered across the globe doesn’t mean you can’t bring olfactory immersion into your game. Our Virtual Table Top Scent Package is designed for those games where all the players are not in the same room at the same time. It allows the game runner to guide the players through a sensory journey, much as a physical tabletop GM would with our ScentFX Jars, but without the constraint of location.

Each player will be receive a package of specially-labeled Scent Packets that will have numbers instead of the name of the scent. You will also receive a list showing which scents are in each numbered pack, allowing the GM to indicate which scent players should be opening at a given time. For example, as the adventure party descends the long stone staircase into the ancient mausoleum the GM will instruct them to open scent pack #2, which the GM knows to be Mold Crypt, and when they reach the central foyer where the strange disturbances originate, they will put away packet 2 and open packet #3–Haunted Chamber.

Each pack contains 1/4 oz of strongly fragranced scentFX beads. The beads will slowly lose their scent over time, but may last up to 2 years if kept sealed in their container when not in use.


*Ordering Instructions: choose the Scent you would like from the drop-down menu and enter the number of players in the box below; then add the package to your cart. Do the same for each additional scent you would like. Once you have submitted your order we will contact you asking¬†what number your would like for each scent and your delivery preferences–one package with one of each VTT scent in your order to individual addresses you provide or all of the packets to one address.

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Weight .06 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1 in

Ancient Library, Alchemist's Lab, Barren Moon, Blooming Prairie, Bombed-Out Ruins, Cinematic Gunfight, City Streets, Coffee House, Dank Dungeon, Desert Caravan, Dragon's Cave, Dusty Attic, Enchanted Forest, Engine Room, Fairgrounds, Fairy Circle, Fertile Farmland, Fetid Swamp, Field of Battle, Fishing Docks, Flying Airship, Fortune-tellers Wagon, Gold Mine, Haunted Chamber, Healing Sanctuary, Horse Stables, Ice Castle, Italian Restaurant, Japanese Teahouse, Magic Shoppe, Mayan Temple, Moldy Crypt, Mountain Woodlands, Mummy's Tomb, New Spaceship, Ottoman Harem, Pirate Ship, Pool of Acid, Public Park, Putrid Sewers, Roman Baths, Rowdy Tavern, Royal Feast, Sandy Beach, Science Lab, Smoking room, Smoky Campfire, Spice Merchant, Steam Train, Tea Party, Time Machine, Treasure Vault, Tropical Rainforest, Vampire's Lair, Volcanic Jungle, Warm Bakery, Wedding Celebration, Welcoming Inn, Werewolf's Den, Wizard's Tower