Raw Food Dietary Restrictions

Quickles: Use pesticide-free produce.

Ceviche Tomato Bombs: Use pesticide-free produce.

Dragonfly Jams: Serve your jam without bread.

Quark and Crackers: Use raw milk, if you can get it. Serve your quark on vegetable slices or other row presentation.

Mascarpone Rollups: Use raw milk, if you can get it, and use a natural sweetener, such as agave, instead of coffee creamer. Instead of processed lunch meat, use thin vegetable slices or sushi-grade fish to wrap your rolls.

Fancy-pants Mayonnaise Tea Sandwiches: Serve your sandwiches open-faced atop the cucumber or wrapped in a leaf of lettuce or cabbage.

Yogurt Freezer Tarts: Yogurt is generally not raw, but if you use unpasteurized milk or coconut milk many accept it as part of raw-food diet.

Buttermilk Cheese Critters: AVOID. This recipe requires the use of cheese and pasteurized dairy.

Poppin’ Lemon Drops: Serve your cocktail without the candy-coated glass. Use non-flavored vodka and replace the flavored water with raw fruit juice.

Summer Nachos With Acid 3 Ways: Raw, vegan sour cream can be made by blending 1 cup soaked cashews with 1/2 cup water and 1/4 lemon juice. Or, serve without sour cream.

September 24, 2018