Shine is a tool for writers…

Have you always wanted to write stories – gripping crime novels, epic fantasy series, dystopian graphic novels, wild fan fiction serials, or luscious historical romances – but weren’t sure how to get started? Are you an experienced writer who battles writer’s block or story structure problems in your fiction?

Shine is a story construction kit in the form of several decks of cards. This kit will help you write the perfect outline for your screenplay, novel, graphic novel, or work of fan fiction.

  • Setup cards will help you take even the vaguest of ideas and flesh them out into a story concept ready for outline!
  • Main Story cards help you envision the journey of your hero and create a 4 act outline that avoids common story structure pitfalls.
  • Secondary Story cards will help you enrich your story with additional character story arcs such as love interests, allies, shapeshifters and shadows.
  • Storytelling cards allow you to randomly generate story elements – who, what, when, where, and why – to break through writers block as you work your way through that first draft!

Shine is a tool for gamemasters…

Are you new to the world of game mastering a role-playing game and feel overwhelmed by the sheer size of the job? Do you have an amazing idea for a world or campaign for your friends to play in – but don’t know where to start? Or are you an experienced gamemaster who wants to take their storytelling to the next level?

Shine allows gamemasters to structure their campaigns and adventures like the heroic journeys in traditional storytelling and, yet, remain open for their role-players to make meaningful decisions and have true control of their characters.

  • Gamemasters will use the Main Story cards to outline a campaign or adventure arc that follows the same 4 act structure used in traditional storytelling.
  • Gamemasters can collaborate with players around Secondary Story cards to create slowly revealed character story arcs throughout the adventure or campaign.
  • Secondary Story cards can also be used to mix in NPC story arcs that impact the players in exciting ways.
  • Utilizing Shine’s “Session-based Design” methodology, Gamemasters can then pull elements from the main story arc, player arcs, and secondary story arcs to create deep and engaging experiences at the table.
  • Finally, the Storytelling cards – who, what, when, where, and why – help the gamemaster randomly generate situations and side adventures on the fly for those inevitable surprising changes of direction!

Coming Soon!

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October 19, 2018