Welcome to the Storyslingers Beta Test!

Hello and good day to our favorite people in the world, our testers!

In order to get your copy of the Storyslingers beta test, just click here

All we ask in return for downloading our free PDF is that you provide us with some constructive feedback!

Also, please don’t distribute without asking us first!  Pretty please with a novella on top!

What is Storyslingers?

Storyslingers is a deck of 78 cards designed to help you outline and write fiction of all types.

 The front side of the cards contains a story construction kit with which you can flesh out story ideas and then organize them into an outline. Based on mythic story structure principles and other writing best practices, Storyslingers avoids formulaic stories by giving you a variety of modular, common story elements which you can use, disregard, rearrange or alter to suit your story!

 Once the outline is complete, you can use the back side of the cards to help you get your first draft written. Each card contains tarot imagery to open up your creativity, kill writer’s block, and have a little fun adding random details and curve balls to your masterpiece.

October 28, 2018