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odd products to add more games to your life and more life to your games

Adventure Scents

Try our scent special effects to enhance your favorite games, books, movies, costumes, and more.

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How to RPG with Your Cat

Include your cat in your next adventure with a tabletop RPG that replaces dice with a cat as an agent of chaos.

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Cooking with Dice

Level up your cuisine with gamified cookbooks that will turn your kitchen into a fantasy RPG adventure.

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The Shine Storytelling Engine

The Shine Storytelling Engine is a series of cards designed to help writers outline or draft novels, screenplays, and other long-form fiction. Shine helps writers focus on common human patterns found in storytelling.

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The Radiance Adventure Engine

The Radiance Adventure Engine allows
you to play any tabletop roleplaying game as a single-player game! Radiance's cards work like story prompts, allowing you to weave an infinite variety of story-rich adventures anytime, anywhere!

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The Luminous Campaign Engine

The Luminous Campaign Engine is a set of cards that helps gamemasters outline RPG campaigns using patterns of human storytelling found in literature, movies, television, and other forms of long-fiction.

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