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OddFish Games are the makers of Adventure Scents, How to RPG with Your Cat, and Cooking with Dice.

How to RPG with Your Cat is a role-playing game where your cat, as a minion of chaos, serves as the dice. The game may be played as a standalone RPG or integrated into other RPGs.

Use Adventure Scents with your favorite games, books, movies, and cosplay! From Mummy’s Tomb to Welcoming Inn, our scented beads are long-lasting and require no heat or flame.

The Shine Story Engine is a set of cards that help new or experienced writers develop a story idea into a full, well-structured story. Whether you write novels, screenplays, interactive fiction, RPG campaigns, graphic novels, or fan fiction, Shine can help you get the idea out of your head and onto paper.

Cooking with Dice is an RPG with a delicious new twist. Level up your cuisine with gamified cookbooks. Turn your kitchen into an adventure zone!

Adventure Scents
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September 23, 2020