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Radiance Advanced is a collection of nine mini-expansions for The Radiance Adventure Engine. In addition to the following new features, the game contains an additional 60 detail cards and new path and story cards.

There are seven new variants in Radiance Advanced that help you to structure adventures for different types of storytelling genres and traditions. Each of these comes with alternative adventure stage cards.

  • Expanded Hero’s Variant - a longer-form version of the story structure found in the Radiance base set
  • Coming of Age Variant - a way to explore newly created characters or create flashbacks for seasoned adventurers
  • Ensemble Cast Variant - a useful structure to use when playing multiple characters with interlinked stories
  • Final Moments Variant - a good strategy for playing a reflective piece at the moment of a character's demise
  • Investigative Variant- an approach in Radiance Advanced designed to be used with investigative RPGs and mysteries
  • Storyteller Variant - a story-within-a-story that mimics oral traditions
  • Kishotenketsu Variant - a storytelling method that features escalating tension and a plot twist


In addition to the new modes of play, Radiance Advanced includes two mini-expansions that get into the nitty gritty of NPC creation and behavior.

  • NPC Role cards can be used to create and define the roles of major NPCs before the adventure begins. The roles are based upon common writing archetypes such as The Mentor, The Trickster, The Shapeshifter, and The Shadow.
  • The custom set of NPC Augury Dice will help to you to determine the behavior and reactions of NPCs. What is this NPC’s agenda? Who do they associate with? What kind of mood are they in? How will they respond to conflict? Find out the answers to these questions and more with the roll of the dice!