The Epic Adventure Podcast

Are you ready for an epic adventure?

Welcome to the Epic Adventure Podcast! Host Steve Kellams and guests discuss all things table top roleplaying. From TTRPG news and tabletop RPG game design to tips and tricks to make your games epic.



Christina Stiso

Christina Stiso is a lifelong gamer, game designer, and semi-professional GM. She gravitated towards narrative TTRPGs and sci-fi settings. Professionally, she is a Ph.D. student researching justice and play in educational settings. She is also a member of the board of directors for Tabletop Gaymers, a national charitable organization devoted to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in gaming spaces. 

Mike Howlett

Mike Howlett is a writer, game designer, not-even-remotely-professional GM, and one of the principles at Oddfish Games, a tiny little game design studio nestled in the hills of southern Indiana. Professionally, he is a CIO and CISO for a tech company – which is to say that his primary job is to worry about everything, all the time. In his remaining time he is a practicing Buddhist, family man, history nut, and open world computer game addict. 

Steve Kellams

Steve Kellams is just a fan with a radio voice. He got into miniature wargaming in the 70’s and quickly transitioned into roleplaying. He has been passionate about the hobby ever since his first game of Moldvay D&D. In the real world Steve spent 30 years working at all levels of law enforcement before retirement and today consults for police agencies across the United States. He also hosts Blue Canary a podcast for cops by a cop.