Adventure Scents

Adventure Scents are scent special effects that add immersion to role-playing games, books, TV shows, computer games, or cosplay.

Is your RPG party starting the adventure in an inn? Try our Welcoming Inn scent which smells (rather strongly) of beef stew! Or break out our Rowdy Tavern scent with the pungent aromas of a wood bar and cheap ale.

Watching a TV show or playing a video game jam packed with the rotting dead? Try our Moldy Crypt scent which reeks like a dank basement with a dead squirrel.

Open a jar of Enchanted Forest or Pirate Ship to set the scene at your game table - no heat or flame required. Or, add scented beads to one of our scented lockets so you can smell like a Vampire’s Lair or Time Machine to go with your cosplay costume.

Our scented beads are long-lasting and come in several easy-to-use formats.