The Radiance Adventure Engine

Change the way you enjoy the tabletop RPGs with The Radiance Adventure Engine

    • What is the Radiance Adventure Engine?

      The Radiance Adventure Engine is a supplement for any tabletop roleplaying game that allows you to play an RPG as a single-player experience. You are both the player AND the gamemaster.
    • How does Radiance Work?

      Start by grabbing a roleplaying game of your choice, one or more characters, and some dice or cards. Each Radiance adventure is broken down into four acts that mimic the kind of narrative arc you see in novels, television, and traditional storytelling.
      Play Radiance story, plot, scene, and detail cards. 1
      Weave the story prompts on each card into fun and exciting challenges for your hero. 2
      Roleplay your way through each scene in an attempt to overcome those challenges. 3
    • Many ways to play

      Radiance doesn’t have to be played by a single player with a single hero, though! A GM could easily use Radiance to run a tabletop RPG session in a semi-random way. Or a single player could play an entire party of heroes through a complete adventure.
    • Game Modes

      In addition to choosing whether to play Radiance as a single player experience versus using it with your game group at the table, you have one additional decision to make before you play.
      Standard Mode
      Play Radiance as described in the rules, with all the mechanics that fit your current roleplaying game.
      Imagination Mode
      Ignore the Radiance mechanics. Use the story, plot, scene, and detail cards as story prompts to help you generate adventures for your heroes.
      Imagination Mode is great for gamemasters who need a side adventure for their players or want a bit of storytelling challenge without the added burden of additional game mechanics to follow.
    • Add More Fun to Your Radiance Adventure

      To add yet more fun and complexity to adventure generation, Radiance has additional mechanics for random detail cards, plot and scene complications, hero rewards, and B-Stories that crop up during play.
    • A New Way to Enjoy TTRPGs

      Regardless of how you utilize it, the Radiance Adventure Engine will forever change the way you enjoy the tabletop roleplaying game phenomenon.